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How to choose alloys for your car

How to choose alloys for your car


The wheels on a motorist’s car definitely help to make a statement. Aside from the aesthetics; wheels are an important part of safety in the car. The car wheels are what connect your vehicle and the road so it is important that they are of good quality in order to fit the purpose. Obviously, if you are a driver that completes longer journeys, then a better quality tyre is a wiser choice in the long run for both safety but also from an economic sense. 

Difference between Alloy and Steel Wheels 

Traditionally most car wheels were made of steel. They fit a purpose in terms of allowing the car to move freely, were durable and reliable but there was no real aesthetic thoughts in general. In recent years this trend has changed greatly with people being more image­conscious with their cars and therefore looking for more choice in terms of what they purchase. 

Choosing your Alloy 

Due to the amount of different car makes and models choosing an alloy for your car can be confusing and overwhelming. If you are unsure of your correct alloy wheel or tyrerequirements or require information on what is the best wheel and tyre sizes for your vehicle you should discuss with your alloy wheel fitter. Be careful to choose only experienced operators who can give you verified advice as alloy wheels can often be a substantial purchase.

When Shopping for Alloy Wheels 

Option One: 

Wheel refurbishment: If you want to keep your existing car tyres you will have to find out what size of tyres you currently have so check this on the tyre side. The part of the tyre size you need to look at is what number is displayed after the "R", as this will tell you what diameter of tyre you have. This method will enable you to use your existing tyres. 

 Option Two:If you want bigger alloy wheels on your car than you currently have you will need to source both new alloys and tyres. Thereforeyou have the option to search for different alloy wheel sizes. 

What are alloy wheel spacers

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