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Road Trip Planning
A road trip is a wonderful travel experience. It allows those partaking to see elements of a country that they may not have seen otherwise because the people involved – those driving and navigating, get to fully dictate when, how and where they travel. Road tripping is a liberating experience; you don’t have to move on from a place if you happen to like it and you can veer off the ‘beaten track’ if you wish to.

While this is all true, there should be some element of planning involved in a road trip in order to ensure the best experience. This might mean mapping out the route options you have for a specific territory or just planning well in advance about what supplies you need for the journey. Even making a dedicated music play list for the car sound system will help to make the experience a better one.

This info-graphic gives some suggestions for possible road trip routes and separates them out according to different principles. It also suggests some of the necessities that you should bring along to make your trip a better experience and also gives some ideas for good songs for the journey!

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